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As many members of the general public are often unaware, I want to first clarify that we as university scientists do not receive payment for our publications. In fact, we typically review work of other scientists for free, and then pay a substantial charge to publish our work. Because of this, I attempt to make all of our peer-reviewed work freely available, so please do not pay readership fees to access our work. Given that, I have included the PDF documents of our publications that you can download here. If this does not work, please contact me and I will work to get you a copy of the article!

* Undergraduate Student Author
^ Graduate Student Author


^Lazenby, K., P. Coates, S. O’Neil, M. T. Kohl, and D. K. Dahlgren. [2021]. Using habitat selection to guide release locations of translocated sage-grouse: a North Dakota case study. Ecology and Evolution 11:2741-2760.


Picardi, S., T. A. Messmer, B. A. Crabb, M. T. Kohl, D. K. Dahlgren, S. N. Frey, R. T. Larsen, and R. J. Baxter. [2020]. Predicting greater sage-grouse habitat selection at the southern periphery of their range. Ecology and Evolution 10:13451-13463.


Stoner, D. C., T. A. Messmer, R. T. Larsen, S. N. Frey, M. T. Kohl, E. T. Thacker, and D. K. Dahlgren. [2020]. Using satellite-derived estimates of plant phenological rhythms to predict sage-grouse nesting chronology. Ecology and Evolution 10:11169-11182.


^Gaynor, K., M. Cherry, S. Gilbert, M. T. Kohl, C. Larson, L. Prugh, J. Suraci, J. Young, and J. Smith. [2020]. An applied ecology of fear framework: linking theory to conservation practice. Animal Conservation. doi:10.1111/acv.12629.


^Metz, M. M., *J. SunderRaj, D. W. Smith, D. R. Stahler, M. T. Kohl, K. A. Cassidy, and M. Hebblewhite. [2020]. Accounting for imperfect detection in observational studies: modeling wolf sightability in Yellowstone National Park. Ecosphere 11:e03153.


Wilmers, C., ^M. C. Metz, D. R. Stahler, M. T. Kohl, C. Geremia, and D. W. Smith. [2020]. How climate impacts the composition of wolf‐killed elk in northern Yellowstone National Park. Journal of Animal Ecology 89:1511-1519.


^Cusack, J, M. T. Kohl, ^M. C. Metz, T. Coulson, D. R. Stahler, D. W. Smith, and D. R. MacNulty. [2020]. Weak spatiotemporal response of prey to predation risk in a freely interacting system. Journal of Animal Ecology 89:120-131.


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Kohl, M. T., D. R. Stahler, ^M. C. Metz, J. D. Forester, M. J. Kauffman, N. Varley, P. J. White, D. W. Smith, and D. R. MacNulty. [2018]. Diel predator activity drives a dynamic landscape of fear. Ecological Monographs 88:638-652


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